Metal Bonded Seals, Silent Block Bushes, Anti Vibration Mountings, Extruded Strips, Mumbai, India

Testing Facilities

ISG Rubber Industries has in house facilities to test and measure the physical properties of rubber compounds for all products manufactured. Regular tests are carried out on our compounds and finished products to make sure that we meet/surpass our customers requirements,

Below are the laboratory tests done in house at ISG Rubber Industries.
  • Specific Gravity / Density
  • Hardness Shore A Type
  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation
  • Compression Set
For attaining the above tests & results we have following testing machines in our lab.
  • Automatic Tensile Testing Machine
  • Compression Set Testing Apparatus
  • Specific Gravity Balance
  • Compression Thickness Gauge
  • Digital Shore A Hardness Tester With Fixed Weight
  • Special Oven For Compression Set Apparatus
  • Moving Die Rheometer
  • Vernier Calipers