Silicon, Fluorosilicon, Polyurethane, Styrene Butadiene Rubber, SBR Rubber, Mumbai, India


ASTM Classification: FC / FE / GE

Temperature Range : - 60°C to 200°C (VMQ)
          - 100°C to 200°C(PVMQ)

Silicone Rubber (VMQ) contains Vinyl, Methyl & Silicone as one of the primary constituents.

Other Silicone Rubbers (PVMQ) even work at - 100°C, however are quite expensive when compared with VMQ Silicones.All Silicone Rubbers maintain most of their properties even at elevated temperatures.

Due to inherent poor Tensile Strength, Tear Strength and Abrasion Resistance, Silicone Rubbers are recommended for Static Applications avoiding Dynamic Applications wherever possible.

Silicone Rubber is broadly Inert and hence is the first choice in medical, pharmaceutical & food contact applications.

Usually standard Silicone compounds are Peroxide Cured, however some are Platinum Cured, usually for Pharmaceutical applications.

Good resistance to Dry Heat & flame
Good Resistance to Ozone, Weather & Sunlight
Resistance to Electric Resistivity
Good Resistance to Ammonia Refrigerants
Works well with Static Applications
Poor resistance to Concentrated Acids & Alkalis
Poor resistance to Petroleum Fluids and Ketones
Poor Resistance to Silicone and Mineral Oils
Poor Resistance to Superheated Steam & Water
Doesn't works well with Dynamic Applications
O Rings
O Ring Cords