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Natural Rubber / Polyisoprene

ASTM Classification: AA

Temperature Range : - 40°C to 80°C (VMQ)

Natural Rubber commonly known as NR is produced from Hevea Brasiliensis, also known as the Amazon Rubber Tree.

It is the oldest rubber available having outstanding resistance to Tear, Abrasion & Cut Growth, High Tensile Strength, Low Compression Set & very good Rebound Resilience.

Water and Impact resistance
Good Resistance to Ozone, Weather & Sunlight
Good Resistance to High Tensile & Vibration Damping
Tear and Abrasion Resistance
Rebound Resilience
Works well at Low Compression Set
Poor resistance to Ozone
Poor resistance to Oil
Poor Resistance to Solvents
Poor Resistance to Limited Temperature Capabilities
O Rings