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Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) / Highly Saturated Nitrile Rubber (HSN)

ASTM D 2000 Classification : DH

Temperature Range : - 30°C to 150°C

Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR) or Highly Saturated Nitrile Rubber (HSN) as the name suggests is a synthetic polymer made by the Hydrogenisation of Nitrile Rubber.

HNBR has better heat, chemical, oil resistance & superior physical properties when compared with standard NBR.

Acrylonitrile content (ACN) differs from 19% to 50% in HNBR. Generally for O'Rings and Seals 36% ACN content HNBR is used to achieve a balance in Low Temperature Properties & Oil/Fuel Resistance.

HNBR readily fills the gap between NBR & FKM Rubbers owing to its broad temperature range, oil resistance & superior mechanical properties.

Good resistance to Petroleum Sour Gas & Ozone
Good Resistance to Mineral & Vegetable Oils
Good Resistance to Hydraulic Fluids
Good Resistance to Dilute Acids & Bases
Good Resistance to Water & Steam
Poor resistance to Strong Acids
Poor resistance to Ketones
Poor Resistance to Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Poor Resistance to Flame
Poor Resistance to Esters & Ethers
O Rings