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Fluorocarbon Rubber FKM / FPM

ASTM Classification : HK

ASTM Designation : FKM

ISO Designation : FPM

Temperature Range : - 20°C to 204°C (General Compounds)
          - 40°C to 225°C(Special Compounds)

Fluoroelastomer or Fluorocarbon Rubber (FKM/FPM) is a synthetic rubber with Fluorine as one of its main constituents. Fluorine content may vary from 65% to 70% depending on the grade selected.

66% Fluorine grades are the most widely used and are Bisphenol Cured. Other grades may be Bisphenol / Peroxide cured.

Fluorocarbon Rubber has excellent high temperature capabilities along with resistance to ozone, weathering, oxygen, many acids, solvents & chemicals.

Special Fluorocarbon grades offer very good low temperature properties.

ISG offers various Grades/Families of Viton from Chemours (Formerly Dupont)

  • Viton A Family (DiPolymers)
  • Viton B Family (Terpolymers)
  • Viton F Family (Terpolymers)
  • Viton GLT / Viton GFLT /Viton GF / Viton XLT / Viton ULT / Viton ETP / Viton TBR

Good resistance to Petroleum Oils/Fuels, Mineral Oils/Grease
Good Resistance to Ozone, Weathering & Aging Resistance
Resistance to Flame Resistivity & Acids
Good Resistance to Aliphatic / Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Works well with Vacuum Applications
Poor resistance to Steam
Poor resistance to Ketones
Poor Resistance to Phosphate Ester Fluids
Poor Resistance to Formic & Acetic Acids
Doesnot works well with Brake Fluids (Glycol Base)
O Rings
O Ring Cords