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Aflas (TFE/P)

ASTM D 2000 Classification : HK

Temperature Range : - 10°C to 200°C (Continuous)
          - 10°C to 250°C(Intermittent)

Aflas (TFE/P) is a copolymer of Tetra Fluoro Ethylene & Propylene with a Fluorine content of approximately 57%.

Exhibiting excellent resistance to H2S - Hydrogen Sulphide, High Temperature, Steam & wide variety of Chemicals, Aflas is widely used in Downhole application of Oil & Gas Industries.

Aflas has superior chemical & heat resistance than Standard FKM's and readily fills the gap between FKM & astronomically priced FFKM.

Good resistance to Aggressive Chemicals, Oils & Lubricants
Good Resistance to Ozone, Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) & Steam
Resistance to Electric Resistivity
Good Resistance to Hydraulic & Brake Fluids
Works well with Oil field Applications
Poor resistance to Aromatic Fuels
Poor resistance to Ketones
Poor Resistance to Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Poor Resistance to Organic Refrigerants
Doesn't works well with Higher Compression Set
O Rings
O Ring Cords