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SILICON has best Cold flexibility, Excellent heat resistance, Good Insulating properties,Good Ozone & Weathering resistance, as well being neutral in its properties

Temperature : -500C to 2320C
Chemical Resistance: Ozone, Aging, Weathering, Animal & Vegetable oil, Grease, Moderate Resistance to Mineral Oil.
FLUOROSILICONE (FVMQ) offers improved fuel and oil resistance in comparison to regular Silicon (VMQ), Mechanical and Physical properties being the same
Temp : -700C to 1750C
OLYURETHANE have the highest Wear resistance, Tensile strength and Elasticity. They have high volume applications in seals for hydraulic cylinders.
Temp : -300C to 800C
Chemical Resistance: Ozone, Aging, Mineral Oil, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Water (upto 50 Degrees C).


SBR previously known as ' BUNA S' was first produced as a replacement to natural rubber.

Temp : -400C to 1050C

Chemical Resistance : Water, Alcohol, Non-Mineral Oil fluid, Silicon Oil and Grease, Weak Acids.


CHLOROPRENE popularly known as NEOPRENE exhibits good Ozone, Aging, Chemical,Abrasion & Flex Fatigue Resistance.

Temp : -400C to 1200C
Chemical Resistance: Silicon Oil And Grease, Water and its solvents, Refrigerants,Ammonia & Carbon Dioxide Ozone, Weathering and Aging.